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Supply and demand

Understand the intricacies of Supply and Demand in Singapore's property market. As an experienced property agent, I leverage these dynamics to guide your investment decisions. With careful consideration of market stability and resilient trends, I ensure you make well-informed choices, taking advantage of the balance between supply and demand.


Explore the vital concept of Entry Price and Exit Price in Singapore's property market. Find the perfect entry point for exceptional value and plan your exit strategy to maximize returns. As a seasoned property agent, I ensure you secure the right entry price and exit timing for a successful property investment journey.


Discover the essence of "Value" in Singapore's property market. Price is what you pay, but value is what you get. As an expert property agent, I prioritize delivering maximum value for your investment, ensuring a seamless balance between cost and quality for a rewarding property ownership experience.

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Peter lee

Pete is a serial property investor. He started buying his first private property fresh out of school and bough this first condo at age of 26 years old.

Fast forward today, using the very same property system that he developed to help his clients.Pete was able to protect his asset by upgrading from a HDB to a Private Landed Property.

All in a matter of 3 years.

kimberly tang

  Kim is our resident Property “MaMa” and one of her super power is listening to you!

That allows her to not only understand your needs and also crafting out a uniquely reliable and professional plan.

A veteran in the industry who have witnessed multiple property cycles, Kim’s experience will guide you through the property discovery process that protects your interests at all times.

Why choose us

We help you take #Thenextstep with your property journey

Buying a Property

Whether it's a HDB or Private. Resale or New Launch. We will dive deep into the numbers to help you figure out the S.A.F.E. decision to make.

Customer Communication

Your buying / selling journey will always be supported with constant communication to help you reach your end goal. Sell High and Buy Low.

Selling a Property

We believe in doing things right 1st time, that is why all out listing includes all media (photo, video, 360Virtual) and marketed on portals to help you get the maximum offer for your unit.

Know / Knowledge

We know buyers who are looking for units like yours. We know sellers who have units you are looking for. Our intimate knowledge in the area helps us move/find the unit more efficiently

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What Our Customers Say

“Really thankful to Peter and Kimberly who journeyed with us from the viewing to the final purchase of our unit. Excellent service.”
“ Kim and Pete were a great help in the sale of our apartment. They took the time and effort to understand our intentions and limitations. They coordinated well with us to schedule for the videos and photos, and for the viewings. Our apartment was sold at a relatively high price in under 3 weeks. Kudos to Kim and Pete for a sales job very well done!"
We had a pleasant experience with Pete and Kimberly in selling our HDB flat. They were committed & on the ball, patiently & promptly taking all our qs/requests. We managed to fetch a good price, above expected!
“Kim and Peter were exceptional, they were so efficient and good salesmanship to sell my HDB within 7 days. Their professionalism and follow through was beyond expectations and exceed 5-star. With their advise and review, I didn't realise that I could be a private property owner.”
"I never realised how good they really were. I knew it would be a challenge willing to pay the price I was asking for. But to my surprise, they managed to find a buyer at an unexpected fast rate! - Amelia (Seller)"
"It was by accident that I met Peter while looking for a house to buy. He was very honest and asked me to trust his service without any obligations and it all turned out that I did actually made a right choice by letting him and Kim to help me with the house. "

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